Sumitomo Mitsui Classic Credit Card: How to Order

The Sumitomo Mitsui Classic credit card is a popular choice for those seeking benefits and convenience.

We will guide you through the process of applying for this card, highlighting the requirements, benefits, and steps to take to obtain it.

What is the Sumitomo Mitsui Classic Credit Card?

This is a credit card issued by Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Corporation, one of the leading credit card companies in Japan.

It offers a variety of benefits, such as point rewards, purchase discounts, and exclusive services for its cardholders.


It is widely accepted at stores and ATMs both in and outside of Japan.

The Sumitomo Mitsui Classic Credit Card provides several benefits for its users:

  • Travel accident insurance: Coverage in case of accidents during your travels.
  • Earning prizes: Opportunity to win prizes through promotions and draws.
  • Miles and gift cards: Accumulation of miles for travels and gift cards for purchases.
  • V points: A point system that can be accumulated and used at different establishments.
  • Student points and family points: Special points for students and families that can be transferred to points of other companies.
  • Up to 20% cashback: Cashbacks at participating convenience stores and restaurants.
  • Up to 7% discount with touch payments: Discount at Universal Studios Japan when making touch payments with the card.
  • Various electronic wallets: Compatibility with different electronic wallets for contactless payments.

What are the Requirements?

To apply for the card, generally, we listed the requirements for you know what you need to be met.

  • Age: At least 18 years of age (or 20 years, depending on Japanese legal regulations).
  • Residence: Being a resident of Japan or having a valid residence permit.
  • Income: Having a stable income that demonstrates the ability to make payments.
  • Credit History: A good credit history with no record of defaults or financial issues.

It is important to verify the requirements or contact their customer service for detailed and up-to-date information.

How to Order

Follow these steps to complete your application:

  1. Access the website: Visit the official website of Sumitomo Mitsui.
  2. Choose between regular issuance or immediate issuance: Decide whether you want regular card issuance or immediate issuance, which may have specific limits and charges.
  3. Accept terms and conditions: Read and accept the terms and conditions of the card.
  4. Apply with Vpass or complete the form: You can apply through Vpass, Sumitomo Mitsui's online system, or by filling out a form with your preferred card design.
  5. Provide personal, employment, family, and financial information: Fill in the required fields with your personal information, employment details, family situation, and financial data, including your income and payments.
  6. Processes and websites: Follow additional instructions on the website to complete your application and submit it for review.

You will generally be asked to provide documentation to verify your identity and financial situation.


This may include:

  • Identification: A copy of your identification document, such as a passport or driver's license.
  • Income proof: Documents that demonstrate your income, such as bank statements or pay stubs.
  • Proof of address: A utility bill or lease agreement showing your current address.
  • Employment information: Details about your current job, such as the company name and your position.

How to Ensure Approval?

To increase your chances of approval, follow these tips:

  • Check your eligibility: Make sure you meet all the requirements before applying.
  • Complete the application correctly: Provide accurate and complete information in the application form.
  • Maintain a good credit history: Avoid payment delays and keep a low level of debt compared to your income.
  • Demonstrate financial stability: Provide evidence of stable income and a consistent work history.
  • Avoid multiple applications: Do not apply for multiple credit cards simultaneously, as this can negatively impact your credit score.

Remember that final approval is subject to evaluation by the issuing entity, and following these tips does not guarantee approval.

What Other Options Are There If I'm Not Approved?

If your application is not approved, consider the following options:

  • Secured Credit Cards: These cards require a security deposit and usually have more flexible approval requirements.
  • Student Credit Cards: If you are a student, you can opt for a credit card specifically designed for students with less strict requirements.
  • Retail Store Credit Cards: Some stores offer credit cards with lower approval requirements, though they often have limited usability.
  • Improve Your Credit History: Work on improving your credit score by making timely bill payments and reducing existing debts.
  • Consult with Other Institutions: Explore options with other banks or credit card issuers, as each has its own approval criteria.

Remember to carefully review any alternatives to ensure they fit your needs and financial capability.

What to Consider When Using a Credit Card in Japan?

When using a credit card in Japan, keep in mind the following considerations:

  • Acceptance: While the acceptance of credit cards has increased, there are still many small local establishments that only accept cash.
  • ATMs: Not all ATMs accept international cards. Look for ATMs at post offices or convenience stores such as 7-Eleven.
  • Security: Keep your card secure and regularly check your statements for any suspicious activity.
  • Budget: Manage your expenses to avoid debt. Set a budget and stay within your limits.

Interest Rates and Fees

This card has no annual fee, making it attractive to many users.

Interest rates typically range between 15% and 18%, depending on various factors such as credit history and market conditions.


Address: 4-5-15 Imabashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka

Phone: 0570-051-051


This could be a great option if you are looking for a credit card with no annual fee and benefits such as travel insurance, cashback, and discounts.

However, it's important to make sure you meet the requirements and that the interest rates and fees align with your financial situation.

If you don't get approved, there are other alternatives you can explore. It's always advisable to compare different options.

Disclaimer: There are risks associated with applying for and using credit products. Make sure to review the bank's terms and conditions page before accepting anything.